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Connect with your customers, and leave an amazing impression with a unique, gorgeous and clean website + social media presence customized for your business.

Are you struggling to grab customers in the online space?

You know that your customers are online. 85% of the population is. So if you're not online, and impressing your customers with a gorgeous online presence and engaging social media presence, you're leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Why would you leave it in the table, when it could be in your pocket? I personally prefer mine in my closet, but to each his own.

Turning followers into customers online isn't hard, but it IS important.

Start talking to your customers when you're not even there with an amazing online presence

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Meet Reese

Reese is a social media + digital strategist from Toronto, Canada. She works with companies of all kinds, from solopreneurs to restaurants helping them launch their online voice, build an empire and attract their ideal customers.

Reese has a background in digital media skills, and a degree in Visual Merchandising from Sheridan College.

With her background as a retail store manager, working on the floor of many hospitality organizations, and as a communications manager for a leading technology company she knows how to connect with customers online and understands their point of view. She decided to take her love for small business, graphic design + tech, and help companies connect to their customers in the online space.

Build A Stunning Website For Your Company
Create A Blog That's A Business
Engaging Posts Your Customers Love
Compelling Content That Drives Traffic
Systems That Do The Work For You

Build it and they will come is a thing of the past

We live in a digital age.

People are checking out new restaurants, and new stores online and even on their mobile devices before they step inside your business.

Let's put your best foot forward.

What Clients Are Saying

My companies, projects and clients have been seen all over the world in notable publications, both online and offline like the Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, Tatler, FORBES and much more. Discover what people are saying about working with me.

“As you might know my business is going through a rebrand which is very exciting but also extremely stressful. I started to think that I wouldn’t be able to do all of this in time. That was until I talked with Reese Evans from Yessupply!”

-Emily Stencil from Perk Naturals

“Reese is a social media spirit guide. She diligently researched our brand, listened to our requests and pitfalls, and catered our conversation perfectly to our individual wants and needs. She goes beyond content and engagement and looks at every aspect of your presence to ensure it’s what is best for your business. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to intentionally enhance their brand.”

-Kate Gremillion of Mavenly + Co


“Reese has been such an amazing mentor on my personal journey!  Since working with Reese I have began developing my own business in the wedding industry and know that I will have the support from Reese every step of the way. I would  recommend working with Reese any day."

-Lindsay, Wedding Planner

After working one on one with Reese for an Instagram audit, I started to see immediate results. Her advice on making myself discoverable has been incredibly helpful and probably the number one thing that has brought in followers. You can really tell how much Reese wants her clients to succeed. Yes supply has been my favourite online community since I joined."

-Marisa of Stream + Stoney

"She really got me on the right track to getting my business going. I had an idea of where I wanted to go, But I had not begun the challenge of actually getting my website and social media up + running. Reese provided me with so many tips and tools that I have gone back to many times in the process of getting up and running. We chatted about email marketing, detailed marketing, customer targeting, social media, blogging, and instagram…all in one call! She is warm, approachable, definitely knows what she’s talking about."

-Lynnette Wennerstrom of Wise Millennial

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